Bloodland Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Bloodland Battle Royale, had one vision in mind, that's to create a game that has a high amount of fps even for low-end PC but still keeping the amazing quality it is known for.

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Easy management

Easy to use

Easy mobility, you can move anywhere and still play Bloodland Battle Royale and all the button are in front of you and easy to use.

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On PC you have so many customizable options for Bloodland Battle Royale o you will just have to wait to see what Bloodland Battle Royale has in store for you..

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Bloodland Launcher

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About Bloodland Battle Royale

Bloodland Battle Royale is the next generation of Battle Royale! With dedicated Devs, constant game improvements, additional content, and fresh ideas; this game is destined to take the BR world by storm! Third or first person, this shooter is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for you and your friends with exclusive games modes! Old School Bloodland Battle Royale features old-timey weaponry and mobility, horses, carriages, revolvers, and muskets to become the king of the west! Modern Bloodland Battle Royale features modern style weaponry and attachments; ARs, Sniper Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs are at your disposal to gun down your enemies and claim that top frag spot! Futuristic Bloodland Battle Royale features enhanced player movement, special mobility strategies, and futuristic weaponry! we are so excited to release this game!


  • Easy BloodCoin access

  • Easy friends list access

  • Easy news updates

  • Updates on improvements

Bloodland Launcher

Bloodland Launcher, is a new way to launch bloodland battle royale and a easy way to buy credits for your in-game currency (BloodCoins)


What Client Say?

"I've worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down."

client 1 HeistHack Client

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"


Pre-Order bloodland now before April 2nd and get special offers.

BloodTier 1

  • $15
  • 1 - Copy of Bloodland Battle Royale
  • 2,500 BloodCoins

BloodTier 2

  • $45
  • 1 - Copy of Bloodland Battle Royale
  • 7,500 BloodCoins
  • 3 - Pre-Made outfits (Of Choice)
  • 1 - (BloodTier 2 Package) Pre-order gun camo (Of Choice)

BloodTier 3

  • $75
  • 1 - Copy of Bloodland Battle Royale
  • 25,000 BloodCoins
  • 3 - (BloodTier 3 Package) Pre-Made outfits (Of Choice)
  • 1 - (BloodTier 3 Package) Pre-order gun camo (Of Choice)
  • 1 - Game mode season pass